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Friday, November 9, 2012

I Mustache you a question.

When did mustaches become the "it" thing?  I don't know and don't really care why, as you can see, I might like them a little :)

I'm entirely too bored at work sometimes, especially on Friday afternoons.  It's either feast or famine around here, and today I decided to update my blog layout with my free time.  Please enjoy my love of mustaches on the blog. 

And it's not just the blog where I show my mustache love.  On my Pinterest Dear Santa Board, several mustache items show up on my Christmas list.  Please feel free to send them to me :)  Or the 2 of you that read this, I will gladly accept either for Christmas.

Tervis Tumbler Mustache Water Bottle

Nook Simple Touch Skin via Etsy Shop stickitskins

NOOK Simple Touch Skin Cover - Mustache

Have a great weekend, blog world!

Until then -