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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new approach...

So I have this AMAZING friend over @ Singing a Different Tune whom I love dearly! We share the crazy stories that are our lives over Starbucks coffee and the occasional amazing meal out. Last week we had a belated birthday dinner for Candace @ Purple Bistro in the West End. She shared with me some information about eating totally natural. We both had the same reaction to food after watching the disturbing documentary Food, Inc. Candace is better than I am because she started doing a lot of research and was kind enough to share that knowledge with me :)

A new approach...hence the title of this entry. I have always felt the need/urge to eat only natural, locally grown food if possible. I think that might stem from my upbringing in the country and having most of our vegetables come from our gardens or one of our neighbors. So, instead of trying to eat 100 Calorie Packs and Slim-fast shakes to be FAT NO MORE, I'm going back to my roots baby...the roots of the earth! Luckily spring is coming and the Farmer's Markets will soon be a buzz with glorious fruits and vegetables from the earth and dirt instead of a lab somewhere in Guatemala!

Okay...I have exited my soapbox now...back to the doldrums of the corporate world :)