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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick update

My friend Candace says that I do not update this blog enough :) So here's a quick update on the whole foods/all natural eating plan.

  • Chicken that is not prepared by me turns my stomach.

  • boiled chicken is the most delicious thing in the world when using antibiotic free/hormone free/nastiness free chicken!

  • I'm currently OBSESSED with eating sushi and fish! I had the new Poinsettia Roll last night @ Tsunami and it was the most delectable thing ever!

  • Though processed foods makes me nauseous...when I'm not craving sushi, I'm craving nachos with cheese...and not fancy nachos like the ones served here but plastic infused cheese nachos from the likes of Taco Hell and Target!

Needles to say...I'm not 100% staying on track with the all natural, good for you food...sometimes plastic cheese is just the way to go.