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Monday, August 15, 2011

Reoccurring dream...

First, a point of disclosure.  I have crazy dreams.  I always have, for as long as I can remember.  My most favorite dream is a classic depiction of my personality and take on life.  I was at camp, where I spent most of my summers in high school, and a good friend was looking everywhere for me and couldn't find me.  When he finally did, he handed me a gorgeous silver necklace, which was all the rage, circa 1998.  As soon as he gave it to me, I frantically searched the camp for a frying pan.  So frantic, that I could actually feel the panic I was going through in my sleep.  FINALLY, I found that elusive frying pan and immediately placed my brand new silver necklace into it.  After a few seconds, the beautiful necklace had melted, not into silver, however, but into cheese.  I'm not talking creamy goat cheese or a lovely brie, I'm talking government cheese here people.  The one with an odd orange tint to it, you know?  Well this dream had me in a tizzy the next morning, so I sought out the advice of my sage mentor at the time, and she unveiled a seemingly perfect explanation of the dream.   I take the good things in life, and turn them into cheese. Well, maybe not cheese exactly , but definitely something lesser than the good that the thing/situation/opportunity really is.

All that to say...I have crazy dreams, as evidenced above, but never have I had a reoccurring dream for as long as I can remember.  The strange thing about this "reoccurring" dream, is that the situation is not what is reoccurring, but the starring character.  I have had over a handful of dreams about this guy I grew up with.  I believe I have literally known him my entire life.  His family is good friends with my family, and when you grown up in such a small town, you pretty much knew everyone around. I have stayed connected with this person, but not as much as I would have hoped over the years.  The even more disturbing thing...most of the dreams involve marriage or a relationship of some kind.   The first being a reality competition, that he never knew about, but showed up at the altar. Even stranger still...I remember the feeling of when he took me in his arms and knowing without a shadow of a doubt, he was the one I was supposed to be with.  Another one, where during the rehearsal, I had no idea who the groom was, and he didn't reveal himself until I met him at the altar. 

The one last night might be the most bizarre yet.  No marriage this time, but a trip with my small group from church.  That group of people is like my extended family, so that is a major step, even in my dream world.  Bu this time, we weren't together, just there as friends. 

Now, I am by no means claiming to be prophetic in my dreams, not at all. I don't even own a technicolor dream coat.  I'm just confused.  What does this all mean?!  Am I just being tormented in my sleep by my subconscious psyche, does this represent some grander/metaphoric meaning, or am I simply just very entertaining when I sleep?  Like a good movie marathon on TBS?  Who knows?!  I surely do not.  Nevertheless...this makes for great cocktail party conversation...now if I could just find a few more to attend...

Later folks...hope to post some poignant blogs later on today.

Until then ---